Nopales Asados

$1.24 / each

[20 Min] Indulge in the wholesome goodness of grilled Nopales, celebrating tradition and taste in every bite.

[20 Min] Discover the flavors of Mexico with our Grilled Nopales (Cactus) side dish at NJOY TACOS. A time-honored ingredient in Mexican cuisine, nopales are a culinary treasure. Our chefs expertly grill and season these cactus paddles to perfection, transforming them into a delicious and nutritious treat.

With a delightful balance of earthy and slightly tart flavors, our Grilled Nopales are both tender and crunchy. They add a refreshing and unique twist to your taco experience. Seasoned to enhance their natural goodness, they are a perfect pairing with our tacos or as a standalone side dish.

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