Enjoy a terrific selection of condiments & sides included with every njoy tacos catering package

In the vibrant world of taco catering, where flavors dance and aromas swirl, NJOY TACOS takes pride in curating an experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you’re hosting a lively event in Orange County or craving a taco feast in the heart of Los Angeles, our inclusive offerings promise a symphony of tastes that elevate every bite to a culinary celebration.

And, as delectable as our wonderful selection of tacos can be, we also offer a stunning array of included sides and condiments to help round out your flavor fiesta. Check them out!

Tortilla Chips: A Crunchy Prelude

The journey begins with our Homemade Tortilla Chips—golden, crisp, and made with love. Whether you’re mingling at a lively event or savoring a taco night at home, these chips are the perfect prelude to the flavor fiesta that awaits. Lightly salted, they provide a satisfying crunch that sets the tone for the feast.

Refried Beans and Mexican Rice: The Classics Reinvented

No taco feast is complete without the classics—Refried Beans and Mexican Rice. Our refried beans are a velvety indulgence, a perfect pairing with the savory delights of our tacos. Complemented by the aromatic Mexican Rice, infused with a house-made tomato-based salsa, these classics undergo a reinvention that adds depth and richness to each bite.

Diced White Onions and Fresh Cut Cilantro: A Symphony of Freshness

Enter the crisp and aromatic duet—Diced White Onions and Fresh Cut Cilantro. Sprinkled generously over your tacos, these fresh elements provide a symphony of freshness. The onions add a satisfying crunch, while the cilantro, with its vibrant green hues and citrusy notes, lifts the flavors to new heights.

Cut Limes: The Zesty Conductor

Every taco creation deserves a touch of zest, and our Cut Limes play the role of the zesty conductor in this culinary symphony. Squeeze them generously over your tacos to awaken the palate with a burst of citrusy brightness. It’s the element that ties the flavors together, creating a harmonious balance.

Salsa Verde de Tomatillo: A Verdant Elevation

The verdant elegance of our Salsa Verde de Tomatillo brings a tangy and slightly sweet note to the ensemble. Spoon it over your tacos to experience the vibrant freshness of tomatillos, adding a verdant elevation that complements the savory elements with finesse.

Salsa Roja (Spicy): The Fiery Finale

For those who crave a fiery kick, our Salsa Roja steps onto the stage as the spicy finale. Crafted with fire-roasted tomatoes and hot chiles, this deep red salsa adds a smoky depth and a bold kick to your taco creation. It’s the final act that leaves a lingering warmth on your palate.

Orange County and Los Angeles: Where Flavor Knows No Bounds

Whether you’re hosting an event in the picturesque landscapes of Orange County or craving a taco feast in the bustling heart of Los Angeles, NJOY TACOS brings the flavor to your doorstep. Our taco catering services ensure that the vibrancy of our inclusive offerings travels seamlessly to every corner of these culinary hubs.

Bring the Culinary Celebration Home!

Ready to immerse yourself in the culinary celebration of NJOY TACOS? Whether you’re planning a gathering in Orange County, hosting an event in Los Angeles, or simply seeking a taco feast at home, we’re here to make it happen. Dial (714) 793-8553 to speak with our team for personalized assistance, drop us an email at info@njoytacos.com to discuss your requirements, or conveniently submit a contact form on our website. Let the taco joy unfold wherever you are—because at NJOY TACOS, flavor knows no bounds. Don’t just savor the moment; make it unforgettable!

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