Spread Holiday Joy With Our Festive Christmas Taco Catering Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a fiesta of flavors that will leave your guests raving about your Christmas party for years to come? At Njoy Tacos, we believe that joy should be spread through every bite, and our Christmas catering options are designed to do just that. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the magic of our festive taco offerings, the art of decorating, and how to infuse the spirit of Christmas into your taco-filled celebration.

Unwrapping the Joy of Christmas Catering

‘Tis the season for merriment, and Njoy Tacos is here to ensure your Christmas gathering is nothing short of spectacular. Our Taco Cart Catering is the perfect way to bring the joy of the holidays to your party. With a minimum starting at $949.99, you can treat your guests to a customizable taco experience that will have them coming back for seconds and thirds.

For just $15 per person, your guests can indulge in the festive flavors of the season, with options like our succulent Carne Asada, mouthwatering Pollo Asado, and the ever-popular Al Pastor. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection to cater to every palate, including vegetarian and vegan options like our Spicy Potato and Calabazas (Zucchini) tacos.

The Taco Cart Catering package includes the expertise of our skilled chefs, the vibrant taco cart setup, and the unforgettable experience of watching your tacos being prepared right before your eyes. It’s not just a meal; it’s a spectacle that adds a touch of theater to your holiday celebration.

If you prefer a hassle-free option, our Delivery package might be the perfect fit. With a minimum starting at $299.99, your guests can still savor the flavors of Njoy Tacos at $13 per person. This option comes with the convenience of having our delectable tacos delivered straight to your door. Add an extra touch of elegance with our optional $99.99 Deluxe Set Up, ensuring that your taco spread is as visually appealing as it is delicious.

For those who enjoy the comfort of their chosen venue but want to keep it simple, our To Go option offers the same delightful taco experience starting at $299.99, at just $13 per person. It’s the ideal solution for intimate gatherings or when you want to create a cozy taco corner at your event.

Decorate with Flair: Turning Your Venue into a Taco Wonderland

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect catering option, it’s time to deck the halls and turn your venue into a taco wonderland. Incorporating a festive theme into your decorations adds an extra layer of holiday cheer to the Njoy Tacos experience.

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Consider a taco-themed Christmas tree adorned with mini taco ornaments, strings of chili pepper lights, and vibrant taco-themed tablecloths. Enhance the ambiance with a playlist of lively Christmas tunes and perhaps a few Mexican holiday classics to create a joyful and spirited atmosphere.

For an interactive and engaging element, set up a DIY taco bar with festive toppings and let your guests customize their tacos. Provide Christmas-themed napkins and plates to add a touch of holiday flair to every bite.

Infusing Christmas Spirit into the Menu

The heart of any Christmas celebration is the food, and at Njoy Tacos, we’ve crafted a menu that captures the spirit of the season. Our three taco choices allow you to mix and match flavors to create a festive feast that suits your preferences and those of your guests.

Carne Asada – The classic grilled beef option, perfect for those who savor the rich and savory taste of perfectly cooked steak.

Pollo Asado – Tender grilled chicken seasoned to perfection, offering a lighter alternative with a burst of flavor in every bite.

Al Pastor – Marinated pork, stacked on a vertical spit, and grilled to perfection. This option brings a touch of tradition and a burst of authentic Mexican taste to your holiday celebration.

Carnitas – Slow-cooked, succulent pork that melts in your mouth. A favorite for those who appreciate the rich and savory notes of traditional Mexican cuisine.

Spicy Potato (Vegan) – For your vegetarian guests, our Spicy Potato taco is a delightful option, featuring seasoned and spiced potatoes for a burst of flavor with a hint of heat.

Calabazas / Zucchini (Vegetarian) – Grilled zucchini, topped with cheese, provides a fresh and savory alternative for those who prefer a vegetarian option.

Pair these mouthwatering tacos with our complimentary sides and salsas, included with every catering package. Your guests can enjoy tortilla chips, refried beans, Mexican rice, diced white onions, cilantro, cut limes, Salsa Verde de Tomatillo, and our spicy Salsa Roja.

To add a touch of elegance, consider our premium sides, available at an additional cost. Choose from additional rice, beans, and chips to enhance your feast. For those who enjoy a bit of heat, our Chiles Toreados (Grilled guero chili peppers) or Nopales Asados (Grilled Cactus) can add a spicy kick to your celebration. And of course, no fiesta is complete without the luxurious addition of our Guacamole, available at $26.99 per pound.

Complete your Christmas feast with a sweet finale. Our Flan, priced at $5.99 each, provides a delightful and traditional end to your taco-filled celebration.

Aguas Frescas: Quenching Your Thirst with Festive Flavors

No holiday celebration is complete without refreshing beverages to complement the feast. Njoy Tacos offers a selection of Aguas Frescas, available in 2.5-gallon servings. Choose from:

  • Horchata – $79.99: A classic and creamy rice-based drink with a touch of cinnamon.
  • Jamaica – $59.99: Hibiscus tea with a vibrant and refreshing flavor.
  • Lemonade – $59.99: A timeless favorite with a citrusy twist.
  • Sandia / Watermelon (Seasonal) – $59.99: A summer-inspired delight, perfect for those warm Christmas celebrations.
  • Lemon Infused Water – $42.99: A light and refreshing option for those who prefer a subtle twist.

These Aguas Frescas add a burst of flavor and color to your beverage station, ensuring your guests stay hydrated and satisfied throughout the festivities.

The Njoy Tacos Difference: Creating Memorable Moments

What sets Njoy Tacos apart is not just the delicious food but the experience we bring to your event. Our skilled chefs and vibrant taco cart setup add an element of excitement and entertainment to your celebration. Watching your tacos being prepared right before your eyes becomes a memorable moment that adds to the joy and uniqueness of the Njoy Tacos experience.

As you plan your Christmas celebration, whether in you’re in our hometown of Santa Ana in Orange County or beyond, let Njoy Tacos be your partner in creating a festive and flavorful atmosphere. Whether you opt for our Taco Cart Catering, Delivery, or To Go options, rest assured that every bite will be a celebration of the season.

To customize your Christmas catering package, visit our Contact Us page, email us at info@njoytacos.com, or give us a call at (714) 793-8553. Our dedicated team is ready to assist

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